Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February is Dental Health Care Month

With my oldest grandchild losing baby teeth and getting his first permanent teeth to my youngest grandson cutting his baby molars -- I thought it's fitting to include some ways to teach preschoolers about dental health and ways to take care of their pearly whites. First, parents need to understand how important it is to visit the dentist at an early age to insure that your child's baby teeth come in properly. And, that the kiddos care for their teeth so permanent teeth are strong and shiny.

Teaching young children about important matters in the health field is best done through interactive activities. Read on for some fun dental health activities to do at home or school.

Reading books about dental health is fun for young children who learn from friendly characters who deliver the message about taking care of teeth. It also wouldn't hurt to have a "cool" looking toothbrush to lure the kids into happy brushing!

Since February is National Dental Health Care Month, take the time to read some entertaining and informative books about dental care and teeth. And, stock up on the supplies that will help your little ones get into the good habit of brushing.

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