Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Books for Preschoolers

Take time to read a variety of books with the children during your preschool storytime. Books can help children to learn about their world, visit new places, and practice skills needed for future learning.

This article will discuss the different kinds of books you can be reading with your group and suggested titles for Thanksgiving.

Traditional Children's Books

Think about fairy tales, folk tales, fables, myths, and legends from around the world and across the ages of time. Through these beloved stories, children become familiar with many different times, cultures, and traditions. Here are some Thanksgiving favorites.
A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting [Sandpiper]
Cranberry Thanksgiving by Harry Devlin
Thanksgiving at the Tappletons' by Eileen Spinelli [HarperColins]
Over the River and Through the Woods by John Steven Gurney [Cartwheel]
My First Thanksgiving by Tomie dePaola [Putnam]

Concept Books  

These books teach skills, such as counting, colors, and shapes. They may teach about things big and little or opposites like in and out. Many themes are taught in books where children can experience the farm, learn about animals, transportation, food, families, and feelings.
Thanksgiving Day by Gail Gibbons [Holiday House]
The Story of the Pilgrims by Katharine Ross [Random House]
10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston [Cartwheel]

Repetition and Pattern Story Books

Books with a 'catchy' phrase that is repeated become favorites with young children. They will pick-up the pattern and may be able to "read along." This lets them experience the joys of reading.
I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie by Alison Jackson [Puffin]

Rhyming Books

These books often include rhymes and repeated verses, which is why they are easy to remember and recite. These are especially appealing to young children.
'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey [Scholastic]
Turkeys Never Gobble by Joan Holub [HarperFestival]

Books About Different Cultures

These books have characters and situations both similar and different to those in the children's lives so they can learn about the world.
Gracias, the Thanksgiving Turkey by Joy Cowley [Scholastic]
How Many Days to America? A Thanksgiving Story by Eve Bunting [Sandpiper]
Thanksgiving at Obaachan's by Janet Mitsui Brown [Polychrome]
Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving by Eric Metaxas [Thomas Nelson]

Books and stories open the world of learning to children. Enjoy preschool storytime daily with your group and this month concentrate on Thanksgiving with an assortment of holiday titles.

**This article was originally published on Yahoo Voices by Tania Cowling

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanksgiving Songs for Children

Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November. It's a time of family gatherings, a time for gratitude, history, and turkey. Thanksgiving day has always been a fun time with songs and activities to enjoy. Give kids the opportunity to sing their gratitude this Thanksgiving, but don't forget about some fun Thanksgiving songs for children with a "gobble and wobble" too.
Songs of Gratitude
Gratitude is the action of giving thanks and to show appreciation for kindness. This song is a parody to the traditional song "If You're Happy and You Know It." Children love to do the actions as they sing this holiday song.
If you're thankful and you know it, clap your hands
If you're thankful and you know it, clap your hands.
If you're thankful and you know it,
Then your face will surely show it.
If you're thankful and you know it, clap your hands.
Other verses:
If you're thankful and you know it, stomp your feet...
If you're thankful and you know it, shout "I am!"...
If you're thankful and you know it, do all three...
Discuss that Thanksgiving is a special time to give thanks, just like the Pilgrims gave thanks for their plentiful harvest and food. This Thanksgiving song for children is sung to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."
Let's be thankful for this day,
For our friends and our play.
Let's be thankful; let's be glad,
For our food and the things we have.
Let's give thanks for you and me,
And our home and family.
Song of the Pilgrims
The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock on the Mayflower in 1620. The Pilgrims and Native Americans worked together growing crops and harvesting the bounty to celebrate their first Thanksgiving many years ago. Sing this song to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."
The Pilgrims sailed away,
Far across the sea.
They came to America,
So they could be free.
The Native Americans
Helped them plant the corn.
Then they shared a great big feast,
Thanksgiving Day was born!

To all my readers, I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Until next time,
 **All songs were used in my preschool classes and Mommy and Me sessions. Authors are unknown.
Photo courtesy of Tania Cowling, all rights reserved.