Sunday, December 11, 2016

Piggyback Christmas Songs for Kids -- What Fun!

Christmas is near and Christmas carols are being played on the radio, in programs, stores, and basically all around. Singing with children is such a lovely family tradition, but why not divert away from the traditional carols, maybe just for a little while and sing some fun piggy-back songs sung to traditional children's tunes? Here are a couple of my favorites to try:

Songs Around the Christmas Tree
The traditional Christmas tree fascinates children with all the bulbs and bubbles that adorn its branches. Christmas is magical for children, so these songs make it fun. Sing this first song to the tune of "This Old Man." The title is "Toys on the Christmas Tree" and has several other verses.

This little drum, on the tree,
Santa put it there for me,
With a boom-boom, rat-a-tat,
Christmas Day is so much fun!

Children love to sing "The Wheels on the Bus", so this time make it a fun Christmas song with these new words.

The lights on the tree go blink, blink, blink,
Blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink,
The lights on the tree go blink, blink, blink,
All Christmas day.

Continue singing all the following verses:
The presents at the house go rattle, rattle, rattle ...
The mom at the house goes bake, bake, bake ...
The dad at the house goes snore, snore, snore ...
The grandma at the house goes hug, hug, hug ...
The grandpa at the house goes kiss, kiss, kiss ...

Since this song is open-ended, think of new verses together to add to this song.
Have fun singing these songs together.

More songs to come!
Happy Parenting,
Tania  :)

(Song authors unknown)
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