Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Check Out These Sneakers With Pizazz

What do you buy a kid or parent who has everything? Why not some sneakers that can get a party started with colorful bright lights? Yes, that's right! These plain black sneakers have LED lights in the midsole that can be the hit of a party or any outing.

Yvolution has just presented their NEON KYX sneakers just in time for holiday buying!

These shoes are available in kid sizes 10 - 6, men's sizes 5 -12, and women's sizes 4 -12. Inside the tongue of the shoe is a cable switch where you can choose between 7 different colors and 4 cool settings (pulse, flicker, strobe, and gradual morphing). Can you believe that your sneakers can be set to match your mood or outfit?

These sneakers (in black, white, or red) are perfect for fun at home or out on-the-town depending on the age of the person wearing them. Set them in Christmas colors or your school's colors. They are so cool --- even this grandmother is wearing these "hot" looking shoes to make a serious fashion statement. I can't wait to wear them to my Christmas Eve Party.

The shoes include a USB charging cable so the lights never go out!

They can be found nationwide at Toys "R" Us. Retail price is between $69.99 ad $74.99.

I'll leave you while I'm dancing in my shoes. Until next time.
Happy Parenting,

Tania :)

Note: The manufacture company provided me a sample pair of these shoes.  I was not paid for this review and statements are my own opinion.

Photos by Tania Cowling, all rights reserved