Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Crafting With Kids and More

Indoor craft projects are never more welcome than during the winter – those times when it gets too dark for outdoor play, or too cold to even be outdoors. Making crafts together is a wonderful bonding experience and today there are craft kits that make creative time fun and easy. Everything you need is inside a packaged kit.

For the holidays, I suggest getting your children art and craft sets to foster their inner creative abilities. Here are a few ideas from Alex Brands. This company makes really exciting and engaging kits for kids of all ages. And, I love that most of their products are under $25 – so helpful for parents during the holidays.

Who remembers Shrinky Dinks? You know how you colored plastic pieces and then baked them in the oven to shrink and get hard. Well, Alex Brands has brought this concept back in an array of art kits.

Shrinky Dinks 3D Flower Jewelry – Color and shrink your flowers to make bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. This kit includes 38 precut and preprinted Shrinky Dinks, the chains, seed beads, elastic thread, beading needles, earring studs, colored pencils, and easy instructions.  This kit is recommended for kids ages 8 and up. Retails at $22.50.

Shrinky Dinks 3D Butterfly Lights – Here you color and bake the Shrinky Dinks and then thread them onto a battery-operated strand of lights. This kit contains 12 precut and printed Skrinky Dinks, a 10 LED light string, 8 colored pencils, and instructions. Also recommended for kids ages 8 and up. Retails for $24.00.

Shrinky Dinks Statement Jewelry – Here you color, bake and shrink plastic jewels to create your own unique jewelry. Make a necklace and matching earrings along with a ring. This kit includes 12 preprinted and cut Shrinky Dinks, 6 colored pencils, earring hooks, jump rings, chain bracelets and lots of gems. Instructions are included for this kit costing $10.50. Age appropriate for 6 and up.

Along with the Shrinky Dink kits, the children can engage in beauty with colorful fingernail kits.

The Alex Toys Fab Foil Nail Roller allows the girls to put sparkly color on their nails without a brush. Roll on the color; add pretty stickers and then brush on a clear topcoat. For $20.00 you will receive 30 foil strips, two sheets of stickers and a bottle of clear nail polish. This beauty kit is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Alex Toys Color Shift Ombre Nails allows your nail polish to change color as your body temperature changes. How cool is that? This kit includes four bottles of nail polish, 50 mini stickers and easy instructions for an awesome manicure. Also, for kids ages 8 and up and retails for $10.00 a kit.

Other than glamour, Alex Brands has other craft kits. Why not color and create your own umbrella? How about making small toys come to life wearing 3D glasses? Kids will also love to play with Air Warriors darts and blasters. Some that even launch and can be seen in the dark.

And, let’s not forget about the Original Slinky – a toy made in America 70 years ago.  I remember playing with a Slinky, letting it slither down my house steps. What fun for $5.50. Any child aged 5 and up will love to play with this classic toy.  

So check out toys from Alex Brands next time you visit your local toy store or shop online:

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