Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hot Toys for Kids for the 2016 Holiday Season

Are you looking for some entertaining toys for your child? Here are a few from VTech to check out for the 2016 holiday season.

For toys to be awesome hits for kids and parents alike, they must be fun to play with right out of the box, but also having staying power to last as well. It's also important for toys to educate, entertain, and hold a child's attention for a good length of time. Most of this year's toys will also appeal to adults, so join in on the fun and enrich your child's playtime. Here are a few to consider.

Go! Go! Smart Wheels Blast–Off Space Station – Little astronauts will love helping the rocket lift off from the launch pad for an outer space adventure. They can maneuver down the space ramp, spin the galaxy or even pretend to tumble through a black hole. Zooming past five SmartPoint locations will enable the kids to hear fun phrases, music, and more, including learning about the letter “R” and hearing sing-a-long songs. This playset helps to strengthen a child’s motor skills and teach cause-and-effect. This toy is geared for ages 1-5 and sells at retail for $34.99.

Bizzy the Mix & Move Bot – Children can get creative as they build their own robot with this toy. It has 10 different accessories that enable the kiddos to make and role-play with a different robot every time they play. Along with the various robot experiences Bizzy has 10 melodies and sound effects to share. This toy is age-appropriate for kids from 2-5 and retails for $24.99.

Care for Me Learning Carrier – This interactive pet carrier lets young children take their plush pet anywhere. As you put the furry puppy inside the carrier, the child will hear playful phrases when opening and closing the door. Then, press the light-up buttons to learn about colors, shapes, pet care, and more. This set also includes four pet care accessories so toddlers can groom, feed, and play with the cuddly puppy. This toy is perfect for children ages 9-36 months and retails for $24.99.

Go! Go! Smart Friends Secret Blossom Cottage – Who’s ready for a tea party inside this cute cottage? As your child explores the cottage, Sunny the Garden Fairy reveals her personality with motion and lights. The cottage also features a twirling fountain, spinning gears, and has a carrying handle for fun on the go. For ages 1-5 retailing at $24.99.

Remember all the Go! Go! sets have extra characters that you can interchange with all the other playsets by VTech. You can purchase these characters separately too.

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What a fun year for the toy industry and for the entertainment of your children. Take time to enjoy your children's company and play with them. You'll be directing their development and absorb the thrill and amusement in their playtime activities.

Happy Parenting and Enjoy Your Holidays,
Tania  :)

Note: These toys were provided by the manufacturer for review, however I was not paid for this blog post. These are my own opinions.

Photos by Tania Cowling, all rights reserved