Sunday, April 30, 2017

Goodnight Moon: Enhancing This Classic Book With Activities

Several generations of children have been lulled to sleep by the recitation of Margaret Wise Brown's picture book Goodnight Moon, published in 1947. Picture this: "great green room, a telephone, a red balloon, and a picture of the cow jumping over the moon." Clement Hurd magically illustrated the book from sunset to darkness as the little bunny says, "Goodnight room, goodnight moon," and slowly nods off to sleep.

Read this classic book to your children and celebrate its literary milestone with some of these activities to enhance the story.

Words That Rhyme -- Reread the story, stressing the rhyming words in the text. As the children learn these combinations, say the first word and have the children supply its rhyming partner. Look for these word combinations in the text.

  Toy house/young mouse
Moon Prints – Take a variety of lids from jars and a crescent-shaped cookie cutter and dip them into yellow poster paint and proceed to make prints on paper. Add adhesive stars to your moon painting.

Another activity is moon watching. This is a great family activity. Have the children observe the moon every night and record their observations on a calendar (or a page you have printed). Children can draw what they see, or for reference you might provide a sheet with small drawings of the eight phases of the moon.

Room Media Art -- Have the children draw a bedroom scene with crayons on construction paper. They can add finishing touches, such as fabric scraps for the bedspread and curtains and wallpaper scraps for the walls. From magazines and catalogs, help them to cut out pictures of dollhouses, kittens, mittens, red balloons, ladies in rocking chairs, and so on. Ask them to find as many items from the story as they can glue onto their scenes.
Bunny Magnet -- Make a magnet to resemble the bunny in the story. Give children a clothespin (not the clip kind), and have them paint it white. Color the two prongs pink for the bunny's ears. Draw a face and other bunny features with a black marker. Affix a piece of magnetic tape to the back to make a cute note holder for the refrigerator.

The Cow Jumps Over the Moon -- In the book, the bunny has a picture of the cow jumping over the moon in the bedroom. Teach your kids the popular nursery rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle." Recite the rhyme daily and encourage children to make up actions to go with the rhyme.

Enhancing books via art, music, movement, and science is a way for children to remember stories and enjoy literature. Make story time an important part of your child’s day and enjoy teachable moments together.

These are activities from my personal experience as an early childhood teacher.
Always enhance children's books with activities to foster comprehension.

Until later -- Happy Parenting,
Tania  :)