Friday, May 12, 2017

What is a Mother? Teach Your Children Through Books

There are so many types of women who love and nurture young children at home. They may be stay-at-home moms, single parents, working moms, foster mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, big sisters… It is so important that children realize that all mothers do not look or act alike. I found the best way to get young children thinking about their moms is to read stories about mother/child relationships and use these stories to talk about their own families. Choose books to read that talk about people that reflect in different family situations. Help children explore the caring relationship of a mother figure in each story.
Suggested books to read:
My Mom Travels A Lot by Caroline Fellen Bauer (Puffin) What is it like to have a mother who travels?
Here I Am, an Only Child by Marlene Fanta Shyer (Aladdin) This story shows the advantages and disadvantages of being an only child - with the pluses winning out.
My Mommy's Special by Jennifer English (Children's Press) A little girl tells about her mom, who uses a wheelchair to get around.
Everett Anderson's 1,2,3 by Lucy Clifton (Owlet Paperbooks) Everett likes being alone with mommy. He's not sure he wants a new man in the family.
Mommy, Mama, and Me by Leslea Newman (Tricycle Press) A loving story of the nurturing relationship of a lesbian couple and their child.
I Love My Mommy and My Mommy Loves Me by Crystal William (Amazon Kindle Edition) A poem to read at bedtime that explains the love between a mother and child. This poem contains fun rhymes.
Stevie by John Steptoe (Harper & Row) Robert is an only child - until his mom starts foster care for another little boy.
A Chair for My Mother by Vera Williams (Greenwillow) After her family's house burned down, a little girl, her mother and grandmother rebuild their lives.
I Miss You! A Military Kid's Book About Deployment by Beth Andrews (Prometheus Books) A challenging situation for both child and parent is when a mother (or father) must be sent away from home for military duty. A necessary book for military families who serve our country.
My Grandmother's Cookie Jar by Montzalee Miller (Price/Stern/Sloane) Every time she offers a cookie, a child's grandmother has a story about their Native American heritage. When grandma dies, the child realizes that her cookie jar will always be filled with grandma's love and her Native American spirit.
The Not-So-Wicked Stepmother by Lizi Boyd (Puffin) Hessie is about to meet her new stepmother. Are the stories she's heard about stepmothers really true? Maybe not!
My Mommy's in Heaven and I'm Still Here by Sarah Julian (Tate Publishing) Lillie's mommy has just passed away. The fun things she does on a daily basis isn't as much fun without her mother. The story shows how Lillie copes without her mother and how God has a plan for everyone.
Grandmother by Jeannie Baker (Dutton) This story describes a child's day with her elderly grandmother in her very old house.

I hope you have selected and enjoyed several of these books with your child. Please feel free to list your own favorites about mothers in our comments section below.
Happy Mother’s Day to All~~

Source: personal experience in the classroom and at home
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