Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B -- Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Picking a party theme is the trick to a successful event, as the theme provides the uniqueness and personality of the party. The best way to pick a theme is to go to the expert—your child. Use the child’s interests and passions as the motif of your celebration. Once you have decided on the theme, this stimulates the ideas for invitations, decorations, food, games, and party favors. There are several types of parties where your theme idea may fit in. Here are a few ideas to get you started.
The movie party is designed around a child’s favorite film. It could be an animated cartoon, a silly comedy, or a child-rated action movie. How about some of the new favorites like, Toy Story, Alice in Wonderland, and, Marmaduke or classics like The Little Mermaid, The Jungle Book, and The Lion King? You can gather the children and take them to the movies or show the classic DVDs at home. It’s easy to find accessories to use at this type event at your local party store.
An activity party focuses on a fun interest your child likes to do. Think about an arts and crafts party, swim party, cooking party, sports, action heroes, dancing, or magic (anything Harry Potter these days) as the theme.
Create a fantasy party where you turn your home or party place into a jungle, pirate’s den, under the sea, farm, outer space, or a princess’ castle. All you need is a handful of materials and a great imagination to make these magical scenes come alive.
What about having a special guest as your theme focus? Invite a clown, magician, puppeteer or storyteller, balloon twisters, face painters, or even a beautician to do little girl makeovers at your event. Think about asking a friend to dress up like a character of your theme. The special guest can entertain the children while you focus on the food and favors.
An outing party is when you take the party guests to a special place like the zoo or aquarium. Think about theater productions, the circus, a children’s museum, amusement park or even a fun restaurant.
The event party can be fun as you creatively feature a homemade event such as a carnival, home camping party, at home water park, bike and trike party, go green and plant a garden, Olympics obstacle course, or even a roller skating party on your patio or sidewalk.
Hope this post gives you some ideas for your child's party this year!
See you tomorrow with the letter C.....