Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Drums

Drums are a favorite of children when playing musical instruments. I wrote an entire book for teachers and parents on making musical instruments, so I'm including one of my favorites -- the snare drum made with a cookie tin. I'm sure you have most of the materials you need at home. Try this craft with your kids -- it's a great art project and a way to practice making sounds and rhythm.


You will need:
*Metal cookie/candy tin
*Metal paper clips (about 20)
*Cardboard circle (cut slightly larger than the diameter of the tin)
*Thick packaging tape
*Adhesive stickers, including musical notes
*Drum sticks (unsharpened pencils or chopsticks)

Remove the lid from an empty cookie tin.  Decorate the outside with colorful adhesive stickers (or paint a solid color with acrylic paints).  Paint the cardboard circle, too, if you wish.  Have the kids turn the cookie tin upside down and spread paper clips evenly on the recessed bottom of the tin.  Place the cardboard circle over the bottom (the cardboard should not touch the paper clips).  Secure this circle to the bottom with thick tape, bringing the tape up the sides.  The children can use drumsticks to tap this snare drum.
Encourage the kids to think of other materials to use inside this drum besides paper clips to see what other sounds may be produced.

Sing this song as you play your drum---(tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat)
Play it loud,
Play it soft,
Rhythm everywhere.
Play it slow,
Play it fast,
Music is in the air!

If you would like to purchase a book on making homemade instruments, check out my website to view "Shake, Tap, and Play a Merry Tune" available through my website for $8.00.

Until tomorrow,