Monday, April 7, 2014

F for Fish Crafts

Children love sea life themes. Here are crafts to make while studying the ocean and fish.

Make mobiles to hang in your room by drawing different shaped fish on pieces of cardboard.  Cut these out and paint them in bright colors.  Add detailed patterns with black markers.  Punch a hole at the tops and thread the fish with ribbons, yarn or string onto a clothes hanger at different lengths.  Hang this from the ceiling. 

Create baggie fish to hang or decorate the walls.  Crumple a sheet of colorful tissue paper.  Use a black marker to make designs that replica scales, an eye, and so on.  Glue on sequins or faux jewels, anything that can be glued on for sparkle.  Now, stuff the paper fish into a plastic sandwich bag.  Gather the opening and secure it closed with the twist tie about three inches from the body to form a tail fin.

Design magic fish pictures with the use of a white crayon.  Draw fish shapes (or other sea creatures) using the white crayon on white paper.  The shapes will be almost invisible.  Have the kids brush a water diluted food color wash over the entire paper.  (Mix food color drops into a small bowl of water until you have a vibrant color)  Voila, magical fish!!

Enjoy! See you tomorrow with the letter G.

Jellyfish craft photo courtesy of Tania Cowling, all rights reserved