Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Interlocking Bag Books

You are your baby’s first teacher!  Dr. Jean Piaget, upon whose theories many of the foundations of Early Childhood education have been built, said “ that young children are explorers and it is the job of the adults around them to provide the experiences and materials to stimulate their development.”  Parents promote education from the beginning, using everyday life experiences to expand the child’s mind as well as the body.  Toys are stimuli in the world of learning.  When a young child plays—he learns.  Unfortunately in a world of inflation, it is difficult for us parents to provide every toy available on today’s market.

Think homemade! The use of bright colors, soft textures and tinkling sounds have made these play things appealing to the little ones.  For the parent, making these toys provide a sense of gratification and a gift of love, while keeping within your toy budget.

Interlocking Bag Books:
  1. Sew together (by hand or machine) several zipper top closing plastic bags along the bottom edge.
  2. Cut cardboard to fit inside each bag.
  3. Glue magazine pictures or real life photos on the cardboard.  Then slip each page into the plastic sleeve.
  4. Change these pictures often for variety.
  5. Easy to clean with a damp sponge.
  6. Sit with your baby and together turn the pages.  Talk to your baby as you look at the pictures.  It helps to develop important language skills.

Photo courtesy of Morguefile

Hope you enjoy this "I" craft for babies, please visit again to see what I have for the letter "J"