Friday, November 25, 2016

Games to Play During Thanksgiving Weekend

Just because Thanksgiving Day is over, we don't have to truly let go of the holiday. We have the weekend to bond and play with the kids. Here are a few to engage in. 
Games of chance and dexterity were very important to the Native Americans and Pilgrims as they became friends during the humble year of the first Thanksgiving. These ideas for parents will help children learn the symbolic meanings of this November holiday. Since kids learn through play, here are a few teachable activities to try.
Pass the Stone -- Two teams of players (representing Native Americans) sit on the floor in lines facing each other. Members of the one team cover their hands with a blanket. While a leader beats on a drum, the team passes a stone from one player to the next under the blanket. When the drum stops, the players stop passing the stone. Chose a member of the opposite team to guess which player has the stone. If he/she guesses correctly, his team receives the stone. Repeat the game as long as there is interest. 
Over the River -- Place two strings parallel on the floor approximately one foot apart. Pretend this is the river to reach Grandma's house for Thanksgiving dinner. The object of the game is to jump across the "river" without falling into the "water" (stepping between the strings). Keep moving the strings farther and farther apart with each round of the game.
Feather Hunt -- Purchase a bag of assorted colored feathers and hide these around the party area or yard. Mark one feather as a special token and the finder of this feather will become the chief of the tribe. Invite the players to hunt for the feathers. After all are found, use these feathers to make headdresses. Cut felt or wide ribbons to fit the child's head. An adult can use a low-temperature glue gun and adhere the feathers to the band. Glue the ends together to complete the headband. The Braves and Maidens may wear the headbands during your Thanksgiving celebration. 
The Hoop Game -- The early settlers of America played this game of chance. Place a hula-hoop on the ground (or make a circle with masking tape). A player stands a designated distance from the circle with his/her back to the hoop. Toss small sticks over the shoulder. The object of this game is to land the sticks inside the hoop.
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Enjoy your holiday together.
Happy Parenting,
Tania :)