Wednesday, July 10, 2019

5 Toys That Foster Creativity and Critical Thinking

When buying toys for children I always lean toward creativity -- things the kids can make and do. It can be an art kit or a toy that challenges creative thinking. Look at your toy list holistically. Try to match the toy to the child’s interest and abilities. And, an important factor is purchasing age-appropriate toys/kits from well-respected companies that will provide playthings that will last and abide by the safety rules.
As a parent/grandparent who looks for money-saving toys – I’m always looking for a bargain. Let’s face it; kids grow out of toys too soon. Either the child grows out of the toy’s age span, or interests change. We need to look for deals – comparison shop!  Here are a few prices I found – but these prices are always changing. So, let your fingers do the shopping, even before you set out your door or online shop.

OnTel Products Make the MagicPad

MagicPad™ features an amazing crystal-clear, light-up screen that not only brings art to life but also makes learning fun! The kids just insert one of the stencils behind the screen featuring games, art or learning. Once their drawing is complete, press the color-change button to choose from 8 different light effects to see their creation glow! They can also create freely without using s stencil.
The MagicPad’s screen easily wipes clean and is portable for fun on the go.  It also has a built-in stand, so kids can display their creations, or it makes for a perfect nightlight. Each set includes a MagicPad™, 3 Dual-Sided Neon Pens (for six total colors), 30 Stencils, a Glow-Boost Card, Eraser Cloth and a Fun Guide.
Recommended Age: 3+ with a MSRP of $19.99
·      Target $14.29
·      Walgreens $19.99
·      Walmart $19.88
·      Amazon $14.29 
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VTech Makes the DigiArt Color by Lights™
Let lights guide the way as you create your next masterpiece with DigiArt Color by Lights™. The light-up board identifies each of the 50 included coloring pages and responds by showing what color to use in each section. Download more pages online for unlimited printing and play. Connect the light-up dots to draw shapes, objects, and animals. The art board features a dry-erase surface and a stencil card for more creative play, plus a variety of melodies to enjoy while creating your work of art. Color and create with light!
Ages 3-6 with a MSRP of $21.99
·      Walmart $19.88
·      Target $19.89
·      Amazon (only by second distributors $30+) 

DigiArt Spirals & Sounds™

Create unique spiral art designs with DigiArt Spirals & Sounds™. Place a piece of letter size paper (not included) inside the electronic art board, choose an animal stencil, then use one of the five included gears and the marker to make fun and intricate spiral patterns. Place an animal stencil in the board and press the talk button to hear creative encouragement, fun facts and a silly rhyme about the animal. Roll a gear inside the animal stencil to trigger funny sounds. Switch to music mode to hear 20 cheerful melodies while you create. Let your creativity soar with spirals!
Ages 3-6 years, $19.99 is the MSRP
·      Target $10.49
·      Walmart $10.49 (out of stock at the moment)
·      Amazon$10.49  

Kidi Secrets Selfie Journal™ by VTech
Protect your thoughts and dreams with the Kidi Secrets Selfie Journal™. Make a photo journal, write diary entries or record messages and keep them safe. Facial recognition software unlocks the journal only when it recognizes your face. Features front and rear cameras so you can take selfies and pictures of your friends. A full suite of mini-apps includes games, photo and video filters, music and utilities that give you a variety of activities to play. Create new looks for yourself and your friends, care for a virtual pet, decorate photos and videos, play learning games and more! You're the key to this diary!
Age 6 Years+, $49.99 is the MSRP
·      Target $31.49
·      Walmart $37.49
·      Amazon$31.49
And of course we can’t forget about making music. This activity enhances the creative side of learning.
Kidi Star Music Magic Microphone™ by VTech

Set out on the path to stardom with the Kidi Star Music Magic Microphone™. Be the lead singer with this interactive microphone that features Music Magic mode, which reduces the main vocal track of your favorite songs so your own voice is center stage! Easily connect your MP3 player or mobile device and sing along to favorite tunes from your collection. The microphone is packed with exciting features like four games, four original songs, a voice changer with four effects and an applause button. Record yourself for up to two minutes and enjoy your performance again and again!
Age 5 Years+, $29.99 MSRP
·      Walmart  $22.99
·      Target $22.99
·      Kohls $29.99
·      Amazon$22.99   
These are just a few of the many toys available that foster creativity and critical thinking. The list is endless.

Note: you have to factor in the shipping costs. Always try to get free shipping if online shopping. 

Photos by Tania Cowling, all rights reserved
Feature photo – Pixabay 

I would like to thank these companies for providing me samples of their products for review. There was no payment for my blog post. Please use the clickable links for online shopping – the affiliate bonus helps to keep this website up and running.

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