Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Queens and Royalty

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  Capture the enchantment of castles, knights and royalty with these medieval inspired projects. Children love to pretend they are kings and queens for the day!


Let the children’s sense of fantasy carry them back to Medieval Times as they make and decorate regal crowns and maiden’s hats.  For the girls, form a large sheet of heavy-duty construction paper (15” x 24”) into a cone and staple the edges.  Add a piece of sheet fabric or scarf to the top point and let this drape down.  For the boys, using poster board cut a large strip to fit around the child’s head.  Make it wide enough to cut out crown points.  Each child can decorate their royalty hat with paints, sequins, faux jewels, feathers and so on.


Back in Medieval Times, a coat of arms told all you met who your family was and if you were friend or foe.  Your little knights can carry a coat of arms, and even the maidens can carry one for recognition.  For this project, cut out a simple shield-like shape from cardboard.  Make a handle using a 1” by  4” strip of cardboard and glue or staple this to the back of the shield, allowing room to slip in the child’s hand.  On the front, divide the shield into sections using a black marker.  Place the child’s family name at the top.  In the section(s) invite children to clip magazine pictures of fun things related to families.  Another idea is to have your group create their own drawings using art materials (crayons, markers, colored pencils).  Glue these onto the coat of arms board.

See you next week beginning with the letter R,

Photo taken at Disney by Tania Cowling