Thursday, February 2, 2017

Valentine Crafts for the Young

It's coming on February 14th. Time to get started on Valentine crafts. Here are a few to try.

I know your children make Valentines in school and daycare, but there is nothing like getting out the art supplies and creating memorable decorations and gifts with your little one at home. This is something I cherished with my children and now my grandkids. Kids are only young once, savor every moment.

CD Photo Magnet—

This is a project you and your child can make for gifts and recipients can truly enjoy.  Recycle old CD’s (or the ones you get in the mail). Glue a picture of your child on the front, in the center.  With a colorful paint pen, write, “Your Love Makes My Heart Sing” around the disk. Decorate with cute little hearts, drawn freehand or you can use stickers. Attach a small piece of adhesive magnetic tape to the backside of the disk. This tape is easily found in craft stores.  Just think; this project idea can be used for multiple holidays—just by changing colors and decorative designs.  It’s also a craft project that older children may enjoy making themselves!

Everybody Loves A T-Shirt!

How about one with meaning? You can use this technique on canvas bags, baseball caps, and hand towels too. Use your imagination and have fun!  With a fabric paint marker write, “Behind every hand is a heart that loves Dad” (or Grandma, or whomever the shirt is for).  Gently paint the hands of your child with fabric paint and press them on any area of the shirt.  Use a variety of colors and allow the shirt to dry.  Make sure to wash your child’s hands thoroughly.  For an added touch, date the shirt with a laundry marker or fabric paint marker.

Making Tie-Dyed Valentines—

A tie-dyed print doesn’t have to be messy.  Here is a way to get this same effect using simple art materials.  Flatten a white coffee filter and place it onto a sheet of cardboard or anything that will protect your table.  Invite your child to draw Valentine designs (actually scribbles will do) onto the filter with washable color markers covering a vast surface.  Fold the filter into quarters and dip it into cold water for just a second.  Your child will be amazed as he/she sees the colors blend.  Open the filter and lay it flat to dry.  When completely dry, show your child how to cut hearts from this unique paper.

Spend quality time bonding and making memorable crafts for this holiday. They are fun too!
Happy Parenting,

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